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Hot Dog On A Stick!

Is our favorite place to eat when shopping in the mall!

Mike LOVES Hot Dog On A Stick too!

Hot Dog On A Stick!

I went shopping!
At the mall ,
You know I went,

Now I'm hungry and I want something to eat!

I was strolling throught he mall,
Looking all around.
I really wanted food, man,
I wanted to pound.
Out of the corner of my eye,
I spied the most amazing hat.
Hot Dog On A Stick baby,
drop it in the fat!

She was wearing bright red shorts,
Squashing lemons in a pail,
Sticking sticks up hot dogs
before they go on sale.
She'll deep fry a piece of cheese
Now it's a golden brown.
That's a treat I'll gladly
Wrap my lips around.

If I were to own a business,
It'd be Hot Dog On A Stick.
I really like their uniforms,
And they only hire chicks.
I think that the hat should be
A little bit more tall
But they've got the best food
in the whole damn mall!

I'll have a hot dog on a stick,
And a deep fried piece of cheese,
a giant lemonade,
Pass the mustard please.
When I'm hungry in the mall
I want the most amazing hat.

Hot Dog On A Stick baby,

Drop it in the fat!